Victoria Lays Into Victor YR CBS
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When will Victoria finally see through Ashland’s lies?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of March 7 – 11, Nikki worries how Victor’s war with Ashland will affect Victoria. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Victor brought Adam and Nick together to reveal that Locke was never sick and faked his illness. The mustache told his sons they needed to protect the empire he built, and as for protecting Victoria, he’d handle Locke in his own way.

Victor later lured Ashland into a private meeting and accused him of never having cancer, and the game was over. Wanting to shield Victoria from Ashland’s hoax, Victor ordered him to claim his cancer returned, go back to Peru, file for divorce, and hand overall control of the company to his daughter.

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When Victoria arrived, with Nikki in tow, Victor told his daughter it was too soon to name Ashland co-CEO of Newman-Locke because of the stress it could put on him. When Victoria refused and went to sign the contract, Ashland faked chest pains and suggests they do this another time. After Ashland and Victoria departed, Victor brought Nikki up to speed.

Victoria began to realize everyone in her family was keeping something from her and felt they were conspiring behind her back. Later, Ashland told his wife there was something she needed to know about her father…

In the preview for next week, Victor lets Nate know that Ashland Locke is a fraud, and they need his help to prevent him from doing any further damage to Victoria. Meanwhile, whatever Ashland tells Victoria about Victor infuriates her to the point that she promises to fight her father with everything she’s got. She then confronts Victor and rails that he’s finally crossed the line and there is no coming back from this!

What do you think Ashland is up to now and is it time for Victor, or someone else, to simply tell Victoria about Ashland’s con? And even if someone did, would she believe them?

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