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“That time again!!”

It takes work to look as good as The Young and the Restless‘ Eric Braeden does. After all, he’s got to maintain Victor’s million (billion?) dollar style day after day. So, it was refreshing to get a peek behind the scenes on the social media at how the actor keeps his hair looking sharp and fresh!

Naturally, it helps to have an entire team of stylists and hairdressers at the show, but the cutting itself is something the actor’s got to get done himself. Well, by hiring a professional — the pandemic’s wound down enough that hopefully no one needs to cut their own hair anymore!

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It was also refreshing to see him on his phone just like the rest of us. But then, how else was he supposed to tweet out the moment… and invite a slew of responses from fans who really pay attention to (and have a slew of opinions of) his cuts!

First up was the realization that Braeden was, quite simply, overdue for a touchup.

“Someone was reading my mind,” Alexis exclaimed. “As I was watching today’s episode, I noticed that Victor’s cowlick was starting to form again, and he should get a trim.”

We have to confess that we’ve never noticed the actor’s cowlick before, but hey, to each their own! The Mustache’s portrayer took the observation in stride and laughed along with his fan. Actually, that leads us to another question. Does he get a mustache touchup as well or is that something he does on his own? Curious minds want to know…

Then there are the folks who will love the actor no matter. And that includes total baldness.

“If you didn’t have a hair on your head, you would still be gorgeous,” Wanda tweeted, then asked, “Am I being too forward?”

Maybe, but that was fine with Braeden who responded that, “I love people who do tell it how they see it!”

And that’s good, because we’re pretty sure “Telling it how he sees it” is Victor’s motto — whether folks want to hear from him or not! And when it comes to his family, most of the time they really don’t seem to want to hear dad’s opinion.

Speaking of hearing opinions…

“Tell your hairdresser to blend the back of your hair better,” Sally tweeted.

Now that was forward! The actor, though, wasn’t fazed by the criticism and just laughed it off, responding that he “wouldn’t know how to say that! Always glad when it’s over!!”

Same here! Let’s just get in and out of the hairdresser as painlessly as possible! Unless there’s a wash and scalp massage involved. Then we’re totally up to lingering for a bit and enjoying.

But also, a little kindness goes a long way. And that, folks, is where we’ll leave this.

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