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Young & Restless just gave us a huge hint as to where the Locke Ness Monster’s story is headed.

There’s a good reason Young & Restless viewers let out an audible gasp when Michael confirmed Victor’s (and our) worst suspicions — Ashland Locke had faked his terminal cancer in order to dupe Victoria and worm his way into power at Newman Enterprises — as much as we always knew it was a possibility, it’s absolutely heinous and despicable!

Finally, we can see for ourselves why they call him the Locke Ness Monster; nothing is off the table when it comes to revenge and power, and he can play the long game like a master. He’s clearly been planning this since Victor forced him to sign a contract while he was having a heart attack. Wait… did he even have a heart attack? Or was that part of the plan too?

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In any case, when Victor broke the news to Nikki she was skeptical, but Adam and Nick were another matter entirely. They believed it immediately and Nick had a particularly visceral reaction. Seething over the idea the man had duped his sister Victoria, he fumed, “I’m going to kill him!” Which may have given us a hint at where this story’s headed. Will Locke end up dead? Or will someone attempt to end him at least? It’s entirely possible, and there’s a considerable list of suspects…

Nick is probably too obvious to actually be the guilty party if Ashland were to get shot or killed, but he absolutely would be a prime suspect given that he uttered the threat out loud and is such a hot-head.

Nick gonna kill him Y&R

Above: “I’m going to kill him…”

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Historically, Adam will do whatever Victor needs him to do, and his past dictates that he’d automatically become a suspect. He even had a run-in of his own with Ashland over Newman Media, so that would add fuel to the fire. With all of that said, he’s been fairly committed to being “better” lately, so probably wouldn’t be the culprit.

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Look, when it comes to murder one can never count Nikki out. She’s a shoo-in as a suspect. Especially if a situation presents itself in the office where she thinks Victoria needs protecting from Ashland — one only has to ask JT Hellstrom how that might play out!

Similar to Adam, Billy’s unlikely to be the actual perpetrator as he’s turned over a new leaf and all that, but given his undisguised hatred of Ashland, he’s guaranteed to want to confront him when he learns of his duplicity and therefore, would definitely become a suspect.

Billy, Ashland encounter Y&R

Above: Billy’s made no secret of his hatred toward Ashland.

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It’s not like the Mustache hasn’t been behind bars before after being accused of killing someone, and in this case, he’d have every motive to go after Locke, who targeted not only his daughter, but the empire he built from the ground up!

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A woman scorned and all that! Yep, Victoria is going to be not only hurt, but livid, when she learns that the epic love story she’s shared with Ashland Locke was all based on a lie and that his goal was to take away the one thing she loves more than any of the men in her life — Newman Enterprises!

Ashland’s ex-wife, Tara, is the most likely to be revealed as the true murderer, or attempted murderer, once everyone else has been raked over the coals. She lost everything, including her business and her son, and is bound to emerge from jail unhinged and with nothing to lose.

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Do you think this is the route Young & Restless will go? Will Ashland be at the center of a whodunit? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, after looking back through the love story of Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke below.