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How bumpy will this ceremony get? 

Kate Linder’s March of Dimes Canada OpportuniTea finally returned this past Sunday, and as usual, the actress brought a slew of her Young & Restless pals with her! But while Esther’s portrayer was just as delightful a hostess as ever, this year was a bit different, as the entire event was virtual. Still, that didn’t stop actors like Camryn Grimes from answering fans’ burning questions!

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When one viewer asked Camryn Grimes about how bumpy she thought the “Teriah” wedding would be, Mariah’s portrayer admitted that she’s never known less about what’s to come than right now. Covid may be easing up, but things aren’t quite back to normal yet. The writers are still working from home and everyone’s keeping some distance, so she hasn’t had a chance to talk things over yet.

With that said, she did carefully suggest that “I don’t think it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. I just have a feeling that this is important, and this is a story that we want to tell, and everybody’s really excited about it. So, I don’t think it’s a bumpy ride. But again, don’t quote me on that. This is a soap opera!”

The big question right now is over what Noah might do. Will he ignore his dreams about his ex and move on, or make a big scene in some misguided attempt at catching Tessa’s eye once more? While our crystal ball is a bit cloudy right now, we have a feeling he’s going to be distracted soon!

New girl Allie is coming to town to catch the eye of an “eligible bachelor,” and we can’t think of anyone more eligible than Noah. If she does distract him, that would take care of the biggest bump in the road to a “Teriah” union — unless Stitch pops up to kidnap Mariah again!

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The good news is, it sounds like Grimes and the show itself realize how important an event this is and will hopefully devote their full attention to celebrating it. If so, it would be a different take than Reese and Bianca’s historic wedding on All My Children. While that was a touching, memorable ceremony, it wasn’t quite allowed to proceed without its share of bumpy distractions taking away from the momentous moment.

Still, as Grimes pointed out, this is a soap opera, so only time will tell how dramatic these nuptials could get. But we’ve got our fingers crossed to that it’ll be one of daytime’s most memorable ceremonies and make it into our gallery of the top soap opera weddings for all the right reasons!