Camryn Grimes boyfriend reveal Y&R
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

If a picture really does say a thousand words, the one she dropped says “Squee!” over and over.

You may have noticed that recently, Camryn Grimes hasn’t been on social media as much as we’ve come to expect (and, frankly, enjoy). But she’s had a very good reason: She and fiancé, voice actor Brock Powell, have been busy expanding their family.

No, not like that!

On February 25, her new bernedoodle introduced himself. “Hey guys, my name is Burgess!” he woofed (leaving us to wonder whether he’s named after Burgess Meredith, the Burgess from Chicago PD or neither).
“If I’ve been especially absent and not posting,” said Grimes, “it’s because we’ve spent the last month welcoming this boy into our brood!


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“He is smart and silly and everything we could’ve hoped for,” she added. “Do we now have too many animals? Yes. Are we insane? Yes. Do I ever sit down? No. But we are happier than ever.”

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With that, the Emmy winner who plays Young & Restless’ Mariah threw to a series of precious photos of “the most special soul” — and a particularly photogenic one, it must be noted. “Every day we are astonished by just how lucky we got.”

After you scroll through the photos — good luck not turning into a puddle of “OMG, aww!” — check out the below gallery, which counts down daytime’s richest of the rich, from the well-off to the mega-affluent.