Restless Rant
Week of December 14 – 18:

I was upbeat about the beginning of the week on The Young and the Restless – loved the scenes in the landfill, and with Tucker and Jill, but the other episodes, although being ‘good’, haven’t been ‘great’, with the exception of the surprise in Friday’s episode with Phyllis, Amber, and Daniel turning out to have been in cahoots to nail Deacon – I love it when the show tricks me like that! Stellar! Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

Landfill Laughs:
I got a huge kick out of Katherine showing up at the landfill to sift through garbage – she’s such a go-getter! Phyllis getting choked up at the sight of all those who appeared to help was a nice touch, and so was seeing Heather become so agreeable and helpful all of the sudden when the bag turned up! Haha! Loved that! The annoying part was Daisy standing there looking downcast – this nonsense is on my last nerve – tell us who she is already!

Slammer Jammer: For some reason, I enjoy the awkward little bonding scenes like those between Billy and Daniel in the jail – just makes ya’ feel warm and fuzzy for a minute! What I didn’t enjoy was that tiresome brat Victoria showing up to get in Billy’s face to say, “I told you so.” She’s so annoying!

Tucker/Jill: I loved the scenes between them, and the swaggery Tucker caught on with me right away – too bad Y&R has seen fit to recast him already! Not that landing Stephen Nichols (ex-Patch, Days of our Lives) isn’t a fabulous coup for the show, but I’ve already invested in William Russ in the role – makes you afraid to invest in any character – they could be gone or replaced at the drop of a hat! Daytime hardly needs to be making viewers feel reluctant to buy into their storylines in the current climate! Anyway, I’m sure Stephen will be fantastic on Y&R, although I have a little trouble imagining Gloria and Jill as his leading ladies – it will be interesting to see what ‘new’ direction they take the Tucker character in!

I Smell a Rat: Those two creepy kids, Daisy and Ryder, are boring me to death at this point – since I STILL don’t know who they are, I really don’t care what they do! Could they be the catalysts for a Sheila return? After Friday’s episode it’s beginning to look that way – or at least that’s what the writers want us to think. As much as Sheila is a great, classic villainess, I’m kind of disappointed at the idea of going down that road again – it’s really unbelievable, and has been done. The bright side to a Sheila return is that it puts Lauren and Michael in the spotlight – and that, I love!

Nick/Sharon/Adam: I’m as over this ‘triangle’ as I was with Sharon/Nick/Phyllis. I just couldn’t care less about spoiled brat Nick and his selfish behavior. Adam is a creep, who, I refuse to forget, stole Sharon’s newborn baby and handed it to someone else. He CONTINUES each day that he is with her to let her think her child is dead, and allows another day to pass where Sharon does not bond with her baby. I simply can’t get into their pairing, and the conflict between Adam and Nick is like watching a rerun – you know what’s going to be said before they say it!

Three Stooges: What makes the writers think that watching a trio of spoiled brats interact all over town is good television? I’m talking about Nick, Victoria, and now Billy. Y&R viewers have recently been ‘treated’ to a barrage of off-putting, sulking, selfish behavior and temper tantrums courtesy of these three characters. What’s up with this?

Jack/Patty/Emily: I like Jack and Emily together now – even though this week was particularly saccharine-sweet between them. It’s all the set-up for when Patty finds out – and does the inevitable – pulls a switcheroo. The downside is that this is looking a little predictable, so here’s hoping the writers have some twists up their sleeve!