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Are we about to be hit with a double return?

Poor Abby just can not catch a break on The Young and the Restless when it comes to her family. There were problems conceiving, Mariah’s kidnapping, Chance’s disappearing, Devon’s bio-daddy drama and now Dominic’s rare blood disease! It would be understandable that she needs a bit of a support system that extends beyond everyone who’s been mixed up in all this drama from the start.

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Luckily, there’s always family. Victor’s busy playing games with his other children, so he’s not much help, but it seems like now would be the perfect time for Ashley to come back and support her daughter. And we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones to think that.

When Ashley fan account tweeted about a return from Paris for the Abbott, portrayer Eileen Davidson responded with a promising “Could happen!!”

On top of this, Eric Braeden just shared how he’s missing his former leading lady, and all this chatter has got us thinking: Could her return happen sooner rather than later?

As we noted above, Abby could use her mom’s support now more than ever. And if all this drama leads to Stitch, as we’ve suspected, turning out to be Dominic’s real father in some sadly demented attempt to replace his and Abby’s lost child, it’s a sure bet that he’d be popping back into town too. That would certainly add a new dimension to things, seeing as how he’s clearly stuck in a past that, at one point, involved him in the middle of a triangle with Abby and Ashley.

Though he eventually settled down with Abby, right before they married, Stitch confessed his love to Ashley. The two were trapped in the Newman Tower fire thinking they’d die. When they both survived, however, Ashley told Stitch to move on and build a life with her daughter. He did just that, but maybe a bit too well if he’s still trying to create children with her and resorting to kidnapping to do it.

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Bringing both Ashley and Stitch back to town to deal with baby daddy fallout seems like too good an opportunity to miss. It would let them put Ashley squarely into the drama rather than just bringing her back as a shoulder for Abby to cry on. Plus, it could help add some depth to Stitch’s villainous twist and keep him from devolving into a bad guy obsessing over his ex-wife.

For one thing, he could explain his actions and maybe even help us feel sympathetic towards him. And he did at one point love both women, so perhaps together, Ashley and Abby could find a way to bring him back from the brink.

What do you think? Is it time for Ashley to return? Do you think Stitch could be the father at this point or is the show just playing it safe and having daddy Devon save the day? Sound off below, then stick around to check out our gallery chronicling the entire Abbott clan. This isn’t the first time there’s been baby drama in the family — and it won’t be the last!