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“God granted me the greatest gift of life… Here’s to more memories.”

The Young and the Restless actress Courtney Hope (Sally) sent out an especially sweet tribute this past week to her “baby girl” on her 13th birthday. “This little mama is hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to me, without a doubt,” Hope shared, along with a super cute video of her “teacher, best friend, little girl, sidekick, and place of comfort.”

The one in question is her dog, who, as the video explains, “My name is Stevie, but they call me Nicks.” However, while watching various moments captured in her post, fans will get to see the many nicknames attached to Hope’s furbaby, some of which include, “Miss Feisty, Little Mama, Steven, Bubbas, Lil Sidekick, Bug, Steven McQueen, Mooch and a few more — with our favorite being Tooty McFruity! And the best part of the video… each slide gives a glimpse as to why Nicks is sometimes called other names. Absolutely adorable!

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“I’m so glad she found a home in me and me in her,” Hope expressed. “God granted me the greatest gift of life, true deep unconditional love. Here’s to more memories!”

No matter what she’s called, it’s very clear that the CBS soap star’s pup is loved and if she could talk, we bet Nicks would deliver a right-back-atcha message to her mom.

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