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Is anyone having more fun with social media than the soap icon who plays Victor Newman?

After Eric Braeden started the new year by accepting the TikTok “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” dance challenge and busting a move to the tune of Rod Stewart’s golden oldie, we were sure — like, 100-percent sure that he couldn’t possibly top that video (which you can watch below, on the off chance that you missed it).


Happy New Year, don’t try this at home! 🤣

♬ Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Rod Stewart

But as if to remind us that it’s as foolish to underestimate the daytime legend as it is his formidable Young & Restless character, Victor Newman, the actor posted a new clip on February 15 that proved us utterly wrong. In it, between scenes on the set, Joshua Morrow — Nick, as if you didn’t know — gives his on-screen father a quick lesson in beatboxing. Immediately, Braeden gives it a shot — to hilarious effect.

“Never stop learning!” he tweeted, adding playfully, “50 Cent, watch out!”


While it might be a minute before Braeden is ready to challenge anyone to a rap battle, his followers went nuts for the clip. And understandably so. His game attitude and go-for-it attempt could charm the mustache off his alter ego!

On Instagram, Braeden joked, “I’m trying hard.” In response, former Young & Restless son Justin Hartley (ex-Adam) cheered, “This is amazing. Nailed it!” Fan butterflyangie summed up our feelings along with her own, writing that it was the “best thing I’ve seen on the internet today!”

You can watch Morrow and Braeden in action above. Then check out our rankings of the many wives of Victor Newman in the below photo gallery of his hits and Mrs.