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Devon was elated to hear that he’s a full match… but there may be a devastating downside.

It’s been a nail-biting time for Abby, Chance, and Devon on Young & Restless as young Dominic faced a bone marrow aspiration test after becoming lethargic and refusing to eat. Chance has done his best to be strong for Abby, even as he struggles with his PTSD after the explosion in Spain, and Devon leaned on Amanda for support.

After Nate and the specialist delivered the news to the Chancellor Estate that the boy had a rare blood disease, Abby and Devon swung into action to volunteer to get tested to be a donor for their son, who, it was explained, would need a bone marrow transplant.

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Given that Dominic does not have a sibling to act as a donor, which is the most ideal scenario in these situations, the parents would then be tested. As Nate explained, it’s rare for a parent to be a full match; parents are usually a half-match, which presents its own set of challenges when it comes to a transplant, and the chance of rejection is increased.

Abby was the first to get the call after going in to be tested and learned that — as expected as Dom’s mother — she was only a half-match. Not ideal. She then asked the doctor, “What about Devon?” and the scene ended.

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Cut to Devon’s penthouse, where he next got the call and was elated to hear that he was a full match for Dominic. The episode ended with most viewers thinking something along the lines of “What luck!” or “Where’s the drama in that? What’s the point of this storyline then?”

This got us to pondering what the reveal actually could mean. It turns out there might be a whole lot more to this outcome than meets the eye. Unless Young & Restless is selling this as a miracle (which they might well be), it means that we may have been right to suspect that Devon is not Dom’s biological father. How, you ask?

According to Benioff’s Children’s Hospital’s information page on pediatric bone marrow donation, “For a parent to be ‘matched’ with his or her child, both parents must by chance have some HLA genes in common with each other. It is very unlikely, about a one in a million chance, for two unrelated individuals to have the same HLA genes in common, and there is only a one in 200 chance that a parent and child will be HLA matched.

To be even more clear about how unlikely it is, the site further states, “There is a very small chance, about one percent, that a parent may be closely matched with his or her child and can be used in the same manner as a matched sibling.”

A one percent chance. Which means that a devastating shock may well be ahead for Devon, who will be able to save the life of the child he’s come to love so much, but as a result, could find out that he’s not actually the little boy’s dad.

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This means a whole lotta drama and heartache, not only for Devon, but for his cousin Nate, who was the doctor forced to give him the news that his first child, the baby Hilary was carrying, was killed in the car wreck that ultimately took her life. Now, he will now find himself in the unimaginable position of having to explain that this boy may not be Devon’s son after all, and that a DNA test must be taken to confirm one way or another.

What do you think will unfold in this Young & Restless storyline? Will we have to remove Dominic from the Winters family photo album below?