Robert Newman as Ashland yr
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas…”

By now, fans of The Young and the Restless are aware that the role of Ashland has been recast with Guiding Light favorite Robert Newman, who use to play one half of a big Springfield supercouple, Josh to Kim Zimmer’s Reva. The soap recently shared a neat video of the actor entering one of Genoa City’s well-known establishments, Society, and the look on his face was priceless.

“Wha? I don’t think I’m in Springfield anymore,” Newman stated then looked around before facing the camera and continued, “Yeah, in fact. I’m coming to Genoa City and I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

Last week, we gave viewers their first look at Newman in the role and the soap urged fans not to miss his big return to CBS daytime — and you can bet we will be tuning in too!

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Newman’s Guiding Light fans quickly took to the comments to share just how excited they were to have him back on their screens — and a few even had some requests. “Bring Reva with you,” mar_mar0619 urged, as coreyknott agreed and added, “Let’s work on getting Reva over to Young & Restless too.” And cissylevyjames let it be known just how much she loved watching the now defunct soap but wanted everyone to know, “Dang, he still looks good!”

While we wait to watch how the Guiding Light vet makes the role of Ashland his own, we invite our readers to take a look back in time at 30 of the best recasts ever on soaps — ranked — then be sure to leave us your thoughts on the latest CBS soap switcheroo in the comment section below.