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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

“He was a great intellect and a tough player.”

“Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease,” wrote Eric Braeden after a visit with Professor Michael Meyer back in November of 2021. How right he is. The sixth leading cause of death in the United States shows no mercy whatsoever as it plunges its sufferers into dementia.

On February 7, the Young & Restless star shared a sad but inevitable update. “My oldest friend passed away last week,” he tweeted. “He was finally released from this dreadful Alzheimer’s prison!

“We won the US championship in [soccer in] 1973 together!” he added. “He played midfield and I, right fullback!”

Needless to say, Meyer was going to be missed. “He was a great intellect and a tough player!” said Braeden. “RIP, my friend!”

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On the flipside, the Emmy winner does have reason for little good cheer today, too: It marks his 42nd anniversary playing Young & Restless’ Victor Newman. Mind you, at first, he never dreamed he’d stay in Genoa City so long.

Dismayed by “a lack of respect for the medium by everyone who’s involved with it except for [late co-creator] Bill Bell… I wanted out after three months,” he told the Archive of American Television in 2016. The boss convinced him to sign on for a full year, but afterwards, Braeden “was so depressed, I said, ‘I gotta get out of here.’”

Thankfully, he never has! You can read our tribute to the actor and his accomplishments as Victor here. Or you can skip right to our below photo gallery reliving his most memorable moments on Young & Restless.