Chelsea dreams of Rey CBS YR
Credit: CBS screenshot

Chelsea finds herself dreaming of a future with someone other than Adam.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of February 7 – 11, Rey and Chelsea’s relationship takes a turn. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

After learning that Victoria had no plans to keep Chelsea and Chloe’s fashion platform, they went to Lauren with hopes that Fenmore’s would pick their project up. Lauren was intrigued, and they all agreed Sally was out. Of course, much to Chelsea’s dismay, Adam came to rescue the redhead. In fact, in another preview for the week to come, Adam finally admits to Sally that he wants her just as much as she wants him!

However it appears Chelsea may finally be ready to move on from Adam, but the man of her dreams isn’t exactly free. Next week Chelsea tells Rey that never in a million years did she think they’d become friends, but it’s actually happened. Rey, the man who arrested Chelsea for framing Adam for trying to kill him, explains that’s because he’s seen how hard she’s worked to rebuild her life.

Sleeping in her silk pajamas on a sofa, Chelsea wakes up to find Rey standing there. Surprisingly he tells her that she is the most complicated yet intriguing woman he’s ever met, and he’s mesmerized by her and can’t stop thinking about her. What happens next can only be a dream, right?

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTue