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“I love Adam and Sharon… but… “

You know, it doesn’t suck to be Adam Newman these days. Sure, sis Victoria is his new boss and that’s not ideal. But on the other hand, he’s got three different women in his orbit, each of whom has fans cheering them on.

First is ex-wife Chelsea, who came back to town hoping that she and Adam might put aside all of the bad stuff that went down between them and reunite. Then there’s Sharon, who insists she’s happily married to Rey but can’t seem to stop involving herself in Adam’s life in much the same way viewers can’t stop thinking about how hot they are together.

Finally there’s the (relatively) new kid on the block, Sally, who would love nothing more than to prove she and Adam could be a powerful force in both the boardroom and bedroom.

Mark Grossman, who plays the man at the center of this emotional maelstrom, understands what viewers see in all three women. But it sounds as if he’s coming down on the side of an Adam/Sally pairing, based on his recent comments to Soap Opera Digest

“I love that there’s no history between Adam and Sally,” he says in the latest issue. “Sharon and Chelsea have their very complicated pasts with Adam, but when he was played by different actors. If there is a relationship with Sally, it would be brand-new for me.”

The Sharon/Adam romance largely played out when Michael Muhney was in the role, and it was Justin Hartley’s take on the character who swept Chelsea off her feet.

“It’s not about recreating something or a continuation of something that was done by the actors before me,” he says of his alter ego’s potential new romance, “and I love that it’s something totally new. It’s a blank canvas with Adam and Sally, so I’m excited to see what happens with them.”

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That’s not to throw shade on either of Adam’s other love connections. “I Adam and Sharon, and Adam and Chelsea,” he makes clear, “but with Adam and Sally, it seems fresh and very different.”

Grossman say that ultimately, he’s “looking forward to whatever the writers come up with.” But what about you, the folks watching the drama unfold? With which woman would you like to see Adam paired… and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then remind yourself just how complicated the guy’s past romantic entanglements have been by flipping through the gallery below!