Camryn Grimes sister ill Y&R
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The actress slammed the door shut on this particularly poisonous internet troll.

Well, it’s been a long journey for Young & Restless fans, but the day has finally come: Tessa and Mariah are officially engaged! It’s not just a momentous day for the couple, but also for the soap — and really, all of daytime. That’s exactly why Out wrote up a piece on their engagement, and Mariah’s portrayer, Camryn Grimes, joyfully shared it on Twitter.

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This is the internet, though, and it’s a lot easier to spread hate than love. Grimes’ joy was not shared by everyone. One fan posted a particularly nasty diatribe that we won’t reprint, but one that blasted “Teriah” and suggested that Young & Restless co-creator William Bell Sr. would be ashamed of what was happening.

And Grimes was not having it.

“I have no chill today,” she tweeted in initial response. “I’m exhausted and sleep deprived from a puppy.” She then, essentially, told the viewer to sit down and keep her bigotry to herself. But that wasn’t the end.

“This is what really gets my goat,” she wrote as a follow up, “you having the audacity to speak on Bill Bell’s behalf. As if you knew him. You didn’t… but I did. And it’s your comment that would disgrace him and what he created.”

Well said!

For the majority of fans, Grimes’ support and response in the face of hatred were everything. In fact, their replies restored some of our faith in humanity.

As Paul tweeted quite pointedly, “*Watches several hundred hours of adultery, murder, deception* ‘Wow, the two girls in love is too much for me.'”

Other viewers proved that they had mastered the art of dealing with online trolls and simply ignored the initial nasty comments. Instead, focusing on positivity.

Kathy Moore just responded with, “You and your boyfriend and Mariah got engaged at the same time! Congratulations!”

And then there were the fans who were downright touched about the actress’ dedication to their community. They’re the ones who really warmed our hearts.

“Thank you for standing up for us, Camryn,” Gilbert Urbano tweeted . “We are all human beings and deserve to have a place in this world.”

Ultimately, thanks in large part to Grimes’ quick thinking in shutting it down, an incident that started out with so much hate ended up bringing people together in an affirmation of humanity and love. Sometimes the internet really does surprise us.

Since you’re here celebrating love and this very special occasion, why not take a few moments before you head out to check out a gallery revisiting Tessa and Mariah’s relationship? This engagement has been a long time coming.