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The Mustache oughta know: You can only push a guy so far before… kaboom!

Young & Restless viewers may want to watch next week’s episodes while wearing a seatbelt, because they’re gonna be a bumpy ride! Why? Because as tense and apprehensive as Adam has been about the possibility of Daddy letting sis Victoria buy Newman Media, that’s nothing compared to his reaction when, according to Soap Opera Digest, the deal goes through.

“This is something that could interrupt [his] path to redemption,” portrayer Mark Grossman tells the magazine. It could even end up “making him lash out and fall back into old tendencies.”

Adam Victor instructions Y&R

Which would suit Grossman just fine. As he told Soaps.com this fall, “I’m always like, ‘I need to do something bad.’ It’s been too normal.”

Were it up to him, he added with a laugh, Adam would “manipulate someone or steal a baby, do something” true to conniving form.

Something tells us that, between Victor’s moving around of the chess pieces on his board — and sneaky Sally whispering in his ear — Adam will be up to no good again in no time. And while Victor can certainly handle his devilish spawn — he’s proven that time and again — he might prefer not to, considering the damage that Adam’s reigns of terror typically leave in their wake. (You’ll recall that one of Adam’s past snits resulted in him never meeting the little brother or sister that Ashley was carrying.)

While you’re here anticipating Adam’s next about-face — and his next face-off with Victor — check out the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of the schemer’s complicated history.