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La Spectra looks ahead to new love – and a new rivalry – as her portrayer marks a very special milestone.

Sally Spectra was a name very familiar to viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful when Courtney Hope made her debut five years ago. It turned out her character not only shared a moniker with her aunt with the larger-than-life personality, who had been played by the late Darlene Conley, but she also held similar aspirations – to successfully run her own fashion house and compete against Forrester Creations.

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Hope’s younger Sally jumped into a storyline that paralleled the Spectra vs. Forrester rivalry of days gone by, and took over her aunt’s former label as ringleader to the band of sidekicks who worked for her, much as the OG Sally Spectra before her had. Included in that group was her “Grams” Shirley Spectra, whose portrayer, Patrika Darbo (Nancy, Days of Our Lives) has made cameos since the Sally character moved from Bold & Beautiful to Young & Restless in 2020.

Spectra gang B&B

The Spectra Gang circa 2017.

Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Sally jumped right into a rivalry with Steffy on Bold & Beautiful, the sister of Thomas, the Forrester man she fell for, and was soon involved in food fights and accused of stealing designs from her competition.

While her run on Bold & Beautiful ended with her getting the heck outta Dodge (or Los Angeles as the case may be) amid a storyline that saw her pretend to be dying in a bid to hang onto the object of her affections (not to mention kidnapping his high school girlfriend), Sally showed up in Genoa City with every ounce of the fighting spirit we expect from La Spectra.

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The redhead was soon embroiled in controversy at her new job and butting heads with the likes of Summer and Phyllis on Young & Restless. And while she’s proven much more adept at attracting trouble than love in her new city, that might be about to change as Adam is about to come to Sally’s rescue, and the ongoing flirtation between them may finally be about to heat up – much to the chagrin of her newest rival, Chelsea.

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