Michael interested offer Y&R
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Adam’s about to learn his fate.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 31 – February  4, Ashland has an offer for Nate. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Adam and Victor were both shocked, yet had different reactions, to Victoria suing them for using the Newman name in their company. She planned to rename Chance Comm Newman Media and felt the name belonged to the Newman-Locke company. While Adam fumed, Victor admired his daughter’s moxie.

Victor continued to entertain Victoria’s offer to buy Newman Media and made keeping Adam on as CEO a non-negotiable part of any possible deal. Victoria agreed, but at the same time, knew her father was up to something. Indeed the mustache is, and he told Adam that when the time was right, he’d be let in on the plan.

Of course, that didn’t soften the blow when Victoria told Adam that the deal was done and Victor sold her Newman Media. Next week, Victoria continues to take shots at Adam, gloating that she hopes he enjoys working with her as much as she will enjoy being his boss!

Meanwhile, Lauren begins to wonder exactly what Victor is up to, and what he has Michael doing for him. She notes his new job seems more espionage-oriented than his normal legal work.

And Ashland approaches Nate, knowing he’s a brilliant doctor, but he has a new challenge for him. Could this have to do with his and Victoria’s media takeover?

Head to the comments with your best guess on what Victor is planning. Also, be sure to read the Young & Restless spoilers to learn whose rescue Adam leaps to. Then before you go, check out a gallery of iconic classic soap characters from the past.

Video: Julie_foxy/Twitter