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Sometimes, it’s what’s not planned that works the best.

Drama and heartache are all well and good in the daytime world, but a truly great soap needs its share of comedy mixed in as well. When it comes to The Young and the Restless, there are always a few characters we can reliably count on to provide that levity — and it works even better when the show puts them together in the same scene!

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Michelle Stafford shared a recent scene on Instagram in which Michael gives a “pep talk” to Phyllis. In the hilarious clip, Michael proceeds to talk about the redhead’s… colorful history in front of Amanda.

“When you came here, you were a desperate, needy woman — obsessed with Danny Romalati,” Michael confided in Amanda. He then went on to talk about how much Phyllis grew over the years and after a few felonies, countless misdemeanors and “a whole lot of mistakes.” Amanda lets loose a few double takes as she eyes Phyllis up incredulously. Phyllis, meanwhile keeps trying to wave him off and downplay the whole ordeal.

It’s a brilliantly comedic scene, and that’s in huge part thanks to the actors. Between Christian Jules LeBlanc’s delivery and Mishael Morgan and Michelle Stafford’s reactions, we were practically falling out of our seats!

“These are the kind of things I love about acting,” Stafford wrote on Instagram, “And acting with amazing people. So, this whole scene was about Michael coming in and giving Phyllis this whole speech about how she should stay in town. The reactions from me and Mishael Morgan were not written in to it. It was solely a monologue that Michael was giving to Phyllis.”

“Of course, since Amanda doesn’t know all this history about Phyllis,” the actress continued, “Phyllis would be a little uncomfortable with Michael talking about crimes she’s committed in such a cavalier way. I threw some stuff out there and both of these actors jumped on and threw it back. I love working with amazing actors. I love working with actors who come to play.”

Maybe Amanda should do a little research about her gal pal there before their friendship goes any deeper. Just so she has an idea of what legal defenses to have in place should the need arise, of course.

And come to think of it, it seems like the need might arise sooner, rather than later as Phyllis is again flirty with her dark side. Hello, more felonies and misdemeanors, here we come!

Either, way, when Stafford tweeted the scene, Morgan responded, making clear that she knew exactly what she was getting into. And loved it!

“Sooooo much fun working on this scene with two of my faves,” she tweeted.

And LeBlanc had his own explanation of what was going on in the scene.

“Michael,” he tweeted, “just really really cares!”

As well he should!

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Stafford wrapped up her Instagram post with a bit of reflection, writing, “It’s been a challenging time to really be free as an artist the last couple years. The obstacles that we overcome everyday… working with the masks and the distance. Especially distance we’ve had to keep during very intimate scenes — whew — very challenging. We’ve done it, but (in my case) I don’t know if I’ve done it well. But when we have little jewels like this, a scene that turns out like this, it makes me happy.”

And that, in turn, makes us happy.

Before you head out, why not take a look at exactly what Michael was talking about with a gallery of Phyllis’… colorful life! It’s got plenty of mistakes — but we wouldn’t have it any other way!