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Sometimes it’s easier to grieve with others than alone.

Though he may at times have funny ways of showing it, The Young and the Restless‘ Victor Newman is, undeniably, a family man. Even his battles with his children is because he wants what’s best for them. The mogul just has a little trouble sometimes getting past the fact that he isn’t the sole decider of what that is!

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Eric Braeden is just as much of a family man, but of a much kinder, gentler nature. Rather than feud with his son, Christian Gudegast, he supports him — and shares adorable family photos with Christian and Braeden’s youngest granddaughter!

But seeing three generations of Braeden’s family awakened a lot of strong emotions in his fans. The actor, of course, stepped in to offer words of comfort and help his fans see the light in the darkness.

Mary Albanesi was clearly moved, writing that Braeden shared “a beautiful photo.” It reminded her of the last multi-generational picture she got with her 95-year-old dad this past fall. He passed away in December after a fall.

“Sorry to hear that!” the actor responded shortly after. “But 95? You were blessed!! My dad was 53 when he died!”

95 is, indeed a wonderful, long full life to spend with your family. Fortunately, Braeden is getting to spend more time with his son, than he was given with his father.

Fan Brenda Ferris’ wounds understandably still run deep after she tweeted, “Lost my dad Christmas day and two days later my mom fell and broke her hip. Still in hospital and rehabilitation. Trying to deal with all this.”

Again, Braeden stepped in, offering the only thing we can sometimes in the face of loss: words of love and empathy.

“Brenda, girl, that’s too terrible to imagine,” he wrote back. “Big hug!”

It wasn’t, though, all loss and heartache, as Victor’s untiring portrayer shared in the joys of his fans as well. One fan mentioned that her father turned 84 the day before and was entering retirement — which, kudos to him for making it that long as a working man!

Braeden, who also seems to show no sign of slowing down at Young & Restless made sure to ask her to “Wish him a happy retirement!”


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The replies, the love and the remembrances kept coming in, of course, as fans were reminded of their own families as they took joy in his. So hopefully sharing some family pride and acts of kindness brightened the day of all who saw them.

Before you head out, why not take a look at a gallery of Victor’s life, from villain to family man. He’s come a long way. Of course, while Young & Restless‘ Newman patriarch is certainly not heartless, taking the time to share in the joys and heartbreaks of people he doesn’t know is something only his portrayer would do.