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Picture it. A pair of lovelorn singles walk into a bar…

The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have a problem. Two, actually. Jack Abbott and Donna Logan. Mind you, they’re good problems to have, dynamic characters to whom the audience is attached and with whom it has a long relationship. But the twosome in question? They haven’t had a relationship of their own in… [Consults calendar. Flips pages. Keeps flipping. Still flipping. Tires of flipping.] Let’s just say that it’s been a while.

But that could all change in a heartbeat, were Donna, still smarting from ex-husband Eric’s rejection, to visit Genoa City to interview for a job with Chelsea and Chloe. Afterwards, uncertain of how it went, Donna heads to the lounge at the Grand Phoenix to unwind with a drink. And who should she just happen to encounter there but Jack.

jack donna gareis bergman

Strangers in the Night

One thing leads to another, and the singles soon find themselves mingling. Two cocktails in, Jack remarks aloud that he finds it hard to believe that a woman as stunning as Donna doesn’t have someone in her life. “I did,” she says. “And I thought maybe I would again.

“I even admitted as much to him,” she adds ruefully. “But, he thought… otherwise.”

Jack raises his glass to Donna and her bravery. “It takes a lot of courage to go out on that limb,” he says. “Especially when you know how badly it hurts when the limb snaps, and down you go.”

With a glance at Phyllis across the room, Jack confesses that he isn’t that brave anymore. His heart’s been broken so brutally, he isn’t sure if he’ll ever risk it again. “You make yourself sound cowardly,” Donna notes. “Getting smarter isn’t the same thing as growing weaker.”

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Jack thanks her for that generous interpretation of his situation. “And who knows? Maybe you’re even right,” he says, flashing the smile we’ve gotten to see too rarely in recent years. “Maybe when it’s right, when it’s really right, it won’t even feel like a gamble. It’ll feel like… ”

Jack stops himself, but Donna can tell what he was going to say. She was thinking it, too. “It’ll feel,” she goes on, “like two people who find each other as fascinating as only two strangers can… ”

“And,” he says, picking up where she left off, “as inevitable as only two perfect strangers can.”


The Moment, Passed; the Spell, Broken

Suddenly, Donna’s phone buzzes. “Wow,” she says, the spell broken, “they make a stiff drink here.”

“The effect,” Jack says, “isn’t always the same.”

They gaze into each other’s eyes as if imagining what their first kiss will feel like. But a little voice in the back of Donna’s head reminds her that this is crazy, she just met this man. “Perhaps,” Jack says as the phone keeps buzzing, “it’s for the best. Is there really such a thing as a perfect stranger?”

Donna glances at her cell — it’s Chloe. “It’s about the job,” says Donna, her head spinning, from the drink, from the attraction, from the speed at which everything is happening.

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“You should take it,” says Jack, getting up to leave.

“The call?” asks Donna. “I should, yes.”

“The call,” Jack answers. “The job. You should take anything you want to in this life.”

With that, he wishes her good luck and leaves, and Donna realizes that Chloe’s call has gone to voicemail. “Crap,” says Donna. And the way she watches as Jack disappears out the door and into the night, it’s clear that she isn’t just cursing about missing the call.

What do you think? Wouldn’t Jack and Donna make a fantastic couple? Plus, were they to get involved, their relationship would give both of their shows a zillion reasons to cross over Peter Bergman and Jennifer Gareis back and forth. On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery that explains the tangled new relationships Jack would have to figure out if he were to marry into the combustible Logan family.