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This is one battle viewers sure to rile everyone up.

Well, Devon finally pulled the trigger in his quest to spend more time with Dominic and served Abby and Chance with shared custody papers. He even brought Amanda in for legal counsel. So, we can’t exactly say we’re surprised that Abby flipped out. Heck, the viewers were up in arms about Devon just wanting more time with the tot, and that was before he took the whole thing to court!

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The thing is, Abby may want to think twice about how she’s been reacting to Devon and maybe alter her course just a smidge. We’re not necessarily saying she’s wrong in feeling defensive about her kid, but Bryton James laid out a few interesting points about the whole debacle in Soap Opera Digest’s most recent issue.

“Devon loves Abby and he wants them to be able to work this out,” the actor said. “He’s not looking to cause problems or upheavals in anyone’s life. He just wants to spend time with his son.”

Abby and Chance bump into Devon at Crimson Lights Y&R

Uh oh. Just stop a minute and take that in, because there’s a big difference between being a sperm donor, or even just wanting to be an “uncle” to your friend’s child and referring to the kid as your son. Once that starts happening, folks are more willing to go to the ends of the earth and back for their kid. The question is: Will even shared custody be enough for Devon?

Eventually Abby pushes until Devon reveals his misgivings about Chance’s abilities as a father — based entirely on what the dad himself admitted. Chance owns up… but that doesn’t mean everything’s solved.

“These relationships are going to be strained and put to the test,” Devon’s portrayer told Digest. “This is something that could really tear one of Devon’s closest friendships into pieces.”

That’s especially true if Abby keeps digging in her heels instead of talking to and working with Devon. After all, Devon feels that it was her fault that he had to fight for shared custody in the first place.

“Devon started off being reasonable by asking for scheduled visits with Dominic,” James explained, “but Abby was opposed to that and refused to amend their contract. He never brought up shared custody, but when they shut him down, that forced him to find out what his options are.”

If Abby keeps up her defensiveness, Devon might see little option but to push even further in order to protect his son. Granted, Chance is owning up to his own shortcomings and admitting he just can’t bond with Dominic. But while that may, realistically, be a great place to start addressing his problems, it doesn’t necessarily translate into putting Devon’s mind at ease.

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Full custody could, very easily, end up being something he sees as the only option left. And if that happens, as Dominic’s biological father, he may even be able to make a winning case — at least in Genoa City.

Something else worth pondering is whether Chance and Abby can survive this test. If they don’t, that’s just more fuel for Devon’s fire. But we won’t count them out just yet, and to make sure you don’t either, why not take a look at some photos tracing their epic love story? Their relationship is stronger than it may seem.