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Eat your heart out, Throwback Thursday.

We love a good flashback, and The Young and the Restless‘ Jess Walton just showed us all how it’s done. Going through photos of her early days as Jill is all right (Who are we kidding? We love doing that!), but this past week, Walton blew right past the glamtastic ’80s and dove into a classier time when things just seemed so much more… black and white.

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“I don’t remember exactly how old I was in this picture,” Walton tweeted, “but want to know something amazing? I still have this chair in my living room.”

Wow, okay. We guess classics never go out of style!

While all the fans agreed that Walton was beautiful then and beautiful now, quite a few of them couldn’t help but point out how much she reminded them of the late Natalie Wood. Others puzzled over the chair, saying it looked familiar to them, too, and wondering if it was from up in Canada. Which, since Walton was raised in Toronto, they might actually have something there.

And naturally, Esther had to chime in with her support as well. Kate Linder responded by telling Jill’s portrayer the beautifully simple truth that Walton was “Gorgeous then and just as gorgeous now.”

But this isn’t the farthest back Walton has gone, believe it or not. Lately, the actress has been proving to us that she is, in fact, the queen of Throwback Thursdays, and for Christmas she pulled out this happy childhood memory, tweeting, “My dad, mom, sister and me. Can you guess which little one I am?”

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This past year has been challenging for Walton and a testament to her perseverance. She lost her husband, John, after 40 years, their beloved horse, Ace, and her two pups, Jake and Lola. But the actress hasn’t let any of that pull her down and we are always happy to share in her joyful memories.

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