Robert Newman, Ashland Locke, YR, CBS headshot
Credit: CBS

“It’ll be a new adventure,” the actor shared.

If there’s one thing for certain in the world right now, it’s that Robert Newman taking over as The Young and the Restless‘ Ashland Locke from Richard Burgi was the recast news heard ’round the world. Though initially quiet on the matter, Burgi has since spoken out about why he was let go — in the most gracious, classy way you could imagine. And with that, for lack of a better word, farewell, it certainly seemed like the perfect time for Newman to step in and say hello.

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And that’s just what he did, handling it just as graciously as the outgoing Ashland’s good-bye. Guiding Light‘s former Josh took to Facebook to address the fans in a grateful message of thanks that will hopefully lay to rest any of the worries over the surprise recast.

“Thanks to everyone for the sweet posts and messages about my joining the cast of Y&R,” he wrote. “I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve had great respect for the show and it’s wonderful cast for many, many years. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“I had a lovely zoom meeting with [headwriter] Josh Griffith and [producer] Anthony Morina last night,” he continued. “We talked quite a bit about the character, and I’m very excited by the scripts I’m getting so far. I’m scared to death, of course, but I think that’s healthy. 😎

The actor concluded by saying, “I’m feeling pretty blessed to have the opportunity. Cheers!”

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And though we’re sad to see Burgi go, we’re glad that if Young & Restless had to replace him, it was with someone of Newman’s acting caliber. Whoever was stepping in was going to need to bring their “A” game.

While Ashland does seem a bit tamer these days than when he was first introduced, as we all know, he still has that huge secret about to break soon. And if there’s one thing we know about secrets, it’s that they always lead to plenty of drama! Of course, some fans have a theory about that mystery that could upend all expectations.

While you’re here and we’re pondering what’s to come with Ashland and his future with Victoria with all these changes and secrets, maybe it’s worth looking back over the past year and remembering how we got to a place where “Ashtoria” became one of Genoa City’s most popular power couples.