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“As always, great to see him… ”

On January 10, Vincent Irizarry shared with his Instagram followers the occasion that had just come and gone — a significant one in his career. “It was brought to my attention,” he wrote, “that yesterday was the anniversary of my first airshow on The Young and the Restless back in 2007, as the deadly gambling addict and swindling husband to Nikki, David Chow.”

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And that was big enough, considering that the character managed to out-louse even Irizarry’s infamous All My Children alter ego, Dr. Evil — David Hayward to his friends. But that was just the beginning of his story. “So as fate would have it, it was the perfect time to run into my then-time castmate and on-screen adversary, Mr. Eric Braeden, at a favorite Santa Monica wine-and-dine restaurant.” He even had a picture to commemorate the moment.

Irizarry and Braeden actually go back further than the soap. It “was the second time Eric and I played opposite each other,” Irizarry explained, “the first being in 1990 in Jackie Collins’ Lucky/Chances.

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“In the 32 years I’ve known the man,” added the soap-hopper, “I can confidently say that we clearly have the same dining tastes, given that I’ve run into him many a time throughout all those years at several local spots.”

Needless to say, a good time was had by all. “As always,” Irizarry concluded, “great to see him.”

On Twitter, Braeden seconded that emotion, adding that “[I] always have respected you as a professional!” In conclusion, Irizarry cheered, “Here’s hoping we get to play make-believe together again someday.”

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