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Is the Billy/Adam mess another opportunity missed… or an unexpected step in the right direction?

A certain front-burner Young & Restless storyline abruptly took an unexpected turn that left us wondering what the writers were thinking. Did they abandon yet another plot just as it was getting good, or did they actually decide to listen to fan feedback about one of the central characters and take him in another direction?

We love a good twist, but frankly, we’re not sure yet that Billy’s sudden about-face qualifies.

The odd turn of events began when Billy exposed Sally, who had been watching him in disguise, and ordered her to accompany him back to Newman Media. Which was intriguing because we had to wonder where it was going.

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Once alone with Adam, Billy proceeded to expose himself… or his plan to take revenge on his nemesis at least. A curious move given that Abbott had been adamant about following through with his latest scheme and isn’t one to rein himself in, but rather dig himself in deeper. So, this was something new, a twist indeed, but was it a good one or did the writers just rejig the storyline as it was gaining momentum to go in another direction?

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Billy, it seems, finally decided to heed the good advice given to him by an exasperated Jack and by Lily, who supported the plan to a point… that point being when Victoria got involved. His girlfriend is certainly not afraid to call him on his BS and candidly told him that he and his ex were repeating old patterns.

But was Billy’s decision to pull out of the scheme indicative of him finally showing some growth – and writers listening to fans who were exhausted by the character’s repeated spiralling and rehashing of his issues with Adam? Or have they just decided to stick him at Chancellor Industries while they pen a new angle with Victoria and Ashland going after Adam and Newman Media on their own? Perhaps with the help of Victor?

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This would mean renewed tensions between Adam and his family members after the thaw that had occurred, which also feels like a sudden pivot that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Victor and Adam have been working well together and Victoria credited Adam with saving her wedding day. Why stir the pot now? Because Victoria has some inexplicable yen to take over a media company after selling one off because it didn’t make sense for Newman Enterprises?

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We’ll have to reserve judgment on Billy’s abrupt change of heart until we see where the storyline is taking us. What are your thoughts on the new developments? Share them with us in the comment section after looking through our brand-new photo gallery of the 2022 cast of The Young and the Restless.