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“It’s not quite as easy as it used to be.”

If you follow The Young and the Restless star Melissa Ordway (Abby) on social media, you know that she and husband Justin Gaston have two of the most adorable daughters on the planet. And while it seems as if they were babies just yesterday, the reality is that Sophie turned four last month, and Olivia is already halfway to her sixth birthday. As a result, Mom says that the girls are “definitely becoming their own little people, and that means they’re starting to have opinions.”

In other words, while they still love to dress up and get their picture taken, the budding fashionistas are taking more editorial control of their improvised photoshoots. “They used to let me pick out all of their clothes and dress them,”  Ordway says with a sigh familiar to every parent on the planet, “but now they’re like, ‘No, I’m picking what I want to wear.’ They’re very strong-willed and independent!”

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Of late, Olivia has taken things even further. “It depends on the day, but sometimes, she’ll say, ‘I’m not posing for pictures, I want to take the pictures.'”

Being ever resourceful, however, Ordway has figured out various ways to bend the tots to her will. “Sometimes, there’s bribery involved if I’m being completely honest,” she says with an infectious laugh. “I’ve been known to use Hershey’s Kisses as a bargaining tool!”


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Even while admitting that “it’s not quite as easy as it used to be,” Ordway says one thing has remained unchanging, and that is the support of her spouse. “Justin is amazing,” she raves. “I literally could not do what I do without him by my side. He’s the best partner I could ever imagine going through life with. No matter what comes up, we figure it out and make it work.

“Somehow,” she adds with a smile and a shrug, “it all comes together!”

We’re already starting to feel just the teensy-tiniest bit jealous, so why not crank it up a notch by taking a look at the gallery below which traces every step of Ordway’s picture-perfect union, from her first meeting with Justin to that time the real-life marrieds got to tie the knot for reel.