Robert Adamson recurs on Stumptown, guest-stars on All Rise
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On January 5, Robert Adamson laid bare his soul on Instagram. And man, could we relate.

Scroll through Instagram on any given day, and you’ll see countless hotties showing off the fruits of their labors at the gym. Not Robert Adamson, though. In fact, as he shared a selfie of his enviably toned physique, he admitted, “I never post these. But I’ve been working really hard.

“So here’s my reminder,” he continued. “It’s been a tough year. Physically, mentally, socially, professionally. I’ve never let myself go as much as I have in the last year and a half. First, it started mentally, then the physical deterioration began. I cut myself off from friends and family, and like many of us, accepted my fate, as the new normal took hold.”

Noah, Nick, Sharon pose family Y&R

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Flipping the Script

Thankfully, that isn’t where the story ends for the Young & Restless alum, who played Noah off and on from 2012-20. “It’s never too late to start again, to rebuild,” said the actor, who has a daughter with Days of Our Lives’ Linsey Godfrey (Sarah). “The beginning is always the hardest. Start slow. Don’t force it. Give yourself a little grace. Try to get a little sunshine, and surround yourself with people that value your health and your growth more than those who want to commiserate in misery.

“You are not alone,” he added. “Walk the harder path, but don’t despair when you’ve wandered down the easier ones. The whole of you is not just in what you can accomplish but what you can overcome. Don’t hide so much. Possibly my most frequently observed trait.”


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‘Find the Fight’

Particularly rough for Adamson has been a downturn in his professional life. “I’ve never gone this long in between work,” said the veteran of Lincoln Heights and (no relation) Hollywood Heights, “and this weighs on me to no end. Some of this has been out of my hands, like everyone else afflicted with a global pandemic, but most I must accept responsibility for.

“Find the fight,” he went on. “Don’t accept the inner ego that points the finger and shifts the blame. Your fate is your own: All of your accomplishments, as well as your failures, belong to you. Continue being the man who does what he says. And like my mom always tells me… remember who you are.”

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With that, he dove into 2022 with renewed vigor and determination. While you’re here marveling at Adamson’s transformation, stop off at the below photo gallery that climbs the twisted branches of the Newman family tree.