Chelsea spies on Adam and Sally YR
Credit: CBS screenshot

Sally and Chelsea are both ticking time bombs according to Chloe.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of January 3 – 7, Adam is playing with fire as usual, and someone will get burned. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

After Chelsea opened up to both Chloe and Adam about how happy she’s been, and how happy she and Adam once were, both Chloe and Adam became concerned that she was dwelling on the past too much. In a preview for next week, Chloe point-blank tells Adam to stay away from Chelsea and Sally, not for their sakes, but his as the women are ticking time bombs and are going to explode.

Chelsea ends up spying on Adam and Sally enjoying drinks together and looking very cozy. And after confessing to Sally that Adam has no interest in her romantically, which puts a smile on the redhead, she warns Adam that Sally doesn’t deserve him. Adam once again urges her to move on, leading Chelsea to question if Adam is falling for Sally Spectra.

Both Chelsea and Sally have shown they are capable of being dangerous women, so is Chloe right?  Should Adam be concerned? Even Sally admits to Chloe there is a rivalry between her and Chelsea, so should Sally be just as concerned about Chelsea and watch her back?

Let us know who you are rooting for, or if Adam should listen to Chloe and distance himself from both ladies.

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube