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These are tough times to cut loose and celebrate.

On New Year’s Eve Eve, Camryn Grimes wasn’t exactly looking forward to blowing out the candles on her cake. As she put it, owing to the difficult period we’re in — and have been in for what seems like forever already — “30, 31 and now 32 are a wash, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to celebrate my 33rd birthday.

“Dream big,” she added drolly.

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Shortly thereafter, the Young & Restless MVP clarified that December 30 is “not my birthday, it’s January 7.

“All the same,” she continued, “it’s always been an unfortunately timed birthday.” Unless, we suppose, one wants to reuse their New Year’s Eve decorations to set the stage for a festive party. And if one were going to repurpose, wouldn’t Halloween decorations be more fun?

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In a separate post, Mariah’s portrayer, one of the sharper wits you’ll encounter on social media, shared that “my partner Brock Powell just said he loves Patton Oswalt more than he loves me.

“And honestly?” she went on. “That’s fair.”

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Dunno. Much as we like Oswalt, who you know from everything from The King of Queens to Ratatouille, we like Grimes more. How about you? On your way to the comments to wish her an early happy birthday — hey, here’s hoping she winds up getting one — stop off at the below photo gallery that revisits not just her 2021 storyline on The Young and the Restless but all of the show’s 2021 storylines.