Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (3)

“It’s either serial-killer documentaries or Christmas movies,” says… her T-shirt.

As the curtain was about to fall on 2021 — and not a moment too soon, thank you very much — Courtney Hope, as so many of us do, grew reflective. And as she did, she sent out to her social-media followers her wish for them.

“May your life be filled with a series of epic loves,” she wrote, “the greatest of all, with yourself.”

The actress, who recently reportedly split from husband Chad Duell (Michael on General Hospital), then shared another post that described the year gone by as being “filled with equal parts” dagger emoji, blood emoji and… a Christmas tree. “Anyone else?” she asked.

And yeah, we can’t deny, we kinda related to what the self-professed crime junkie and Disney nerd was saying. Mind you, her four-legged friend’s reaction was a mood unto itself! (See below.)

In yet another post, the Young & Restless leading lady, whose Sally is such a force of nature that she couldn’t be contained by one show (lookin’ at you, Bold & Beautiful), suggested that “if you spend enough time pondering in nature, it’s almost as if the answers are written in the clouds.”

With that, she said that she hoped “everyone had a beautiful Christmas and is soaking up life wherever you are.”

Dunno about your holidays, but we’ve been less soaking them up than, um, eating them up. (New Year’s diet resolutions in 3, 2… ) Before you bop along to read another story, stop off at the photo gallery below, which serves as a sorta mega-recap of the past 12 months on The Young and the Restless.