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When is a gift not a gift? 

So we’ll be honest — we weren’t a big fan of the Nick-centric episode that Young & Restless aired on December 24th. We love the character and portrayer Joshua Morrow, and have been begging for both to get a better story for years. And who knows, maybe the episode — in which Nick was told over and over again that he’s awesome and just needs to figure out his life — will lead to exactly that.

But the real highlight of the hour came at the very end… and was as much a pleasant surprise as a painful jab. Because in that final scene, Nick got on the phone with Summer and we got our first glimpse of her alter ego, Hunter King, since Kyle and his wife showed up for Victoria and Ashland’s wedding in Italy.

Kyle, Summer wedding Y&R

Obviously, we were thrilled to see Summer, and it was sweet that Nick’s Supergirl was there when he seemed to need her most. But even as she was convincing her dad to fly to Italy for New Year’s Eve, we kept hoping he’d insist, “No, why don’t you and Kyle come to Genoa City for the holiday?”

There’s big a Skyle-sized hole in the canvas ever since the show failed to reach a new agreement with King and her on-screen hubby, Michael Mealor. Fans loved seeing them at Victoria’s wedding, only to be upset about the revelation that Kyle and Summer had tied the knot in an off-screen ceremony. It was, for many, the ultimate good news/bad news scenario.

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At this point, we can’t help feeling as if the show owes fans of the pair some kind of payoff. At the very least, they should return to Genoa City long enough to have a real wedding, surrounded by their family and friends. (And, most importantly, witnessed by their countless fans.)

Summer calling her dad was a lovely, sweet moment, and given that the show managed to keep it under wraps, a delightful holiday surprise for viewers. But in some ways, it was also a tease. We couldn’t help hoping that immediately after the episode aired, Young & Restless would use their various social media outlets to announce that King’s cameo was “a glimpse of what’s to come in 2022.”

Sadly, that was not the case. But that doesn’t mean we won’t keep hoping that Summer and Kyle will pack up their bags — and adorable little Harrison — and head home real soon.

What do you think, readers? Would you like to see Summer and Kyle return home… perhaps for a splashy wedding and to announce that they’re having a baby? Or are you fine with the occasional updates from Italy? Share your thoughts in the comments below, then relive the pair’s highs (and many lows) via their romance timeline below.