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Put on your boogie shoes! 

Be warned: The second you push play on the video below, you are going to experience several things. First, you’re going to smile. That’s just a given. Then, no matter how big a Scrooge you might try and sell yourself as, you’re going to be filled with the holiday spirit. Next, you’re going to dance. You won’t want to, but you’ll be completely unable to help yourself. And finally, you’ll exclaim — several times, actually — “Hey, isn’t that?”

And yes. Yes, it is.

Think you’re ready?

Think you can handle the awesome that’s about to envelop you? Okay, then push play and let the fun begin.


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See? Didn’t we tell you?

Did you go back and watch it a few times?

“I’m glad I have friends who like to dance in the rain,” wrote The Young and the Restless‘ Phyllis, “and in the kitchen.” And all we can say is that we wanted nothing more than to join her, co-star Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) and her former co-stars Finola Hughes (Anna) and James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), with whom she worked during her stint as General Hospital‘s Nina.

Those who’ve followed Stafford know how much she values all three of the people who joined her impromptu kitchen dance… and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want people in their lives who inspire this kind of joy and happily partake in a little bit of spontaneous silliness?

You might recall that earlier this year, Stafford celebrated National Best Friends Day with a lovely post in which she dubbed Hughes “the original badass.” In return, the Brit said of her favorite redhead, “Love you for always knowing when to call, what to say, having my back and being an all-around inspiration.”

Do we even need to tell you that both ended their respective posts with #bff?

Before heading to the gallery below in which we zoom in on some of daytime’s other real-life best friends, go ahead. Scroll back up and hit “play” again. You know you want to. We’ll even dance with you.