Chance, Devon question Y&R
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The stage is set for a New Year’s shakeup for several in Genoa City.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of December 27 – 31, Abby and Chance’s joyous reunion looks to be sidelined. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Billy came clean to Jack about his plan to convince Adam and Victor that he was a drunk spiraling the drain, leaving Jack stunned that Billy was still caught in the same vicious cycle with the Newmans. After his brother predicted this would end as usual for Billy, the Abbott paused for a split second and reconsidered his plan. Of course, he ignored the feeling and continued to let Adam think he was losing it. Next week, Victoria gets wind of what Billy is plotting and can’t believe what he’s asking her to do.

Chance was finally getting back to his old self, though was worried about how much of Dominic’s life he’d already missed. Meanwhile, as Devon and Amanda planned to move in together, she could sense Devon was troubled. He admitted that he wanted to ask Abby for more time with Dominic, especially seeing it’s the holidays, but was worried about how Chance would react. In the latest preview when he brings up the topic, Abby assumes he’s asking for shared custody. Has she misunderstood, or does Devon want more now that he’s spent so much time with the boy?

And after being questioned about her hobby of spying on Billy for Adam, Sally told Victor that while she was attracted to his son, she wasn’t pursuing him. Besides, Adam has made it clear to her that he has no time for a relationship. So why then is Sally asking Adam to consider spending New Year’s with her? And will he accept her invite?

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