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Adam’s portrayer is no “wrap star,” he recently admitted.

In the latest of The Young and the Restless’ mega-cute Countdown to Christmas videos, Mark Grossman and Courtney Hope play a little game of Truth or Dare — minus the dare. They were challenged to answer honestly with the grade they’d give their gift-wrapping skills.


“To be honest and critical of myself,” Sally’s portrayer said that she deserved “probably like a seven [out of 10].” Her Scotch-tape-and-bows game was “not terrible, but it’s not that bad.”

Which is still light years better than ours, if non-cast members are allowed to play along.

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Answering second, Grossman displayed none of the tendency to bend the truth for which Adam is so infamous. “I would give myself like a hard three at best,” he said with a laugh. “I am so sloppy.”

But his reasoning made sense. The present’s receiver is just going to rip open the package, so ya know, if it’s a bit haphazard, so be it.

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Above: “Wait, seriously?” Yes, pictured is our reaction to Grossman being a three at anything. But our reaction if we had better hair and cheekbones.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Mind you, it did sound like a knack for gift-wrapping might occasionally skip a generation. “My mother’s really good at it,” said Grossman.

Hope learned how to decorate a present so that it was more than presentable from her aunt. She “was really good at it,” said the actress, “and she taught me all of her skills, and I think I picked up some of them.”

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