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The writing is on the coffee house wall as to where Sharon’s love life is headed after *these* scenes.

Though Sharon and Rey have been sharing more scenes on Young & Restless in the run-up to their first wedding anniversary on New Year’s, it’s not been lost on fans that Sharon’s interest in her exes has not waned.

In the past week alone, we’ve seen Sharon encourage Noah to open his mind to the idea that Adam had changed and become a better man, and to consider taking him up on his job offer. Next, we saw Sharon’s distinct dislike for Adam’s admirer, Sally, on display when she stared daggers at the young woman when she came into the coffee house to meet Chelsea, and made a snarky comment loud enough for her to hear.

While this might have given Adam and Sharon fans hope that a reunion could still be in the cards, it’s become apparent that it’s actually another of the blonde’s exes that could be the one to finally bring her problematic marriage to Rey to an end once and for all.

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Young & Restless definitely made a point of having Rey look like an outsider in recent scenes with Nick, Sharon and Noah. As the trio bantered and reminisced about days gone by, it presented quite the picture of a family to Rey, who stood watching. The expression on his face as he took it all in kinda said it all – not only was he feeling like a third wheel, he was probably experiencing deja vu.

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The old familiar feeling…

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Indeed, dealing with Sharon’s penchant for her exes is a well-travelled road for Rey at this point after everything that’s gone down with Adam, and while Nick’s a different case – he was best man at Rey and Sharon’s wedding after all – it’s obvious to Rey and everyone else that “Shick” are growing closer and he probably feels a certain foreboding. As well he should.

Nick and Sharon historically tend to gravitate back to one another even after all that’s happened between them. Now, Sharon has invited Nicholas and Christian to join them for Christmas dinner, and the pair have been spending a lot of time together lately as he’s turned to her in the aftermath of his latest split from her old nemesis, Phyllis.

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Sharon and Nick always gravitate back together.

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It looks like Young & Restless just set up Sharon’s next love triangle, and unfortunately for “Shadam” fans, it appears that ship, which has been teased repeatedly, will be by-passed again in favor of Rey/Sharon/Nick. In fact, it may not even get to the full-fledged triangle stage. Sharon may just realize she’s fallen for Nick again and follow her heart.

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No satisfaction for “Shadam” fans…

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So, where will that leave Rey? Will he return to Miami and join the rest of his family? Or will he gravitate toward the woman he became oddly close to under the most bizarre circumstances – Adam’s other ex, Chelsea?

Drop your predictions in the comment section below after taking a look back at Sharon and Rey’s New Year’s Eve wedding in the gallery below.