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Credit: Tammie Arroyo/JPI

Even if we took her advice, though, we wouldn’t be able to do so quite like she does.

As Christmas drew ever nearer, New Year’s Eve trailing behind it like a shadow blowing a noisemaker, Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope decided to speak directly to her fans.

No, not about the reported demise of her marriage to General Hospital actor Chad Duell (Michael). Not exactly, anyway. But what she wanted to say was good advice in both the best of times and the worst.

“Stay healthy, my friends,” Sally’s portrayer began. “Prioritize yourself. Stay active. Be light and joyful.”

With that, Hope concluded her post with an upbeat “Happy holidays” and threw to a video that counted down the ways that she’d stayed active over the last 12 months. Do we really even need to mention that she is stronger, fitter and way more bendy than probably 99.9 percent of us ever were?

“Thanks for the inspiration,” replied one follower, “but I seriously have to ask you, what happens when joint arthritis sets in and movement hurts? You make it look so effortless and fun.

“My [lower] back and hip,” she added, “decided to shake my fitness world upside-down.”

Hoping to keep her fan moving and shaking, the actress suggested cryotherapy. “It really is good for inflammation,” she said, “and helpful with arthritis! Hope that helps.”

While you ponder doing a headstand — or maybe just starting with a walk? — stop off at the below photo gallery, in which we revisit some of Hope’s wildest times as Sally.