Abby Chance Christmas YR
Credit: CBS screenshot

Happy couples celebrate Christmas kisses.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of December 20 – 24, it’s time for the holidays in Genoa City, and romance is on everyone’s minds. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

It’s Christmas week, and Jack along with others are filled with the holiday spirit. Adam and Victor share a seasonal toast, likely to celebrate what they think it’s Billy’s downward spiral. However, they have no idea it’s all an act. Devon and Amanda hug and look toward the New Year and their future, and Chelsea celebrates being reunited with her Connor for the holidays.

Nick dresses up as Saint Nick, and is happy to have his son Noah home. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see a video chat appearance from Summer and Kyle?

Abby is still over the moon to be reunited with Chance and tells him they have so much to be grateful for. The two share a kiss, though Chance continues to work through his own issues.

Lily also shares a holiday smooch with Billy, saying she’s never turned down a kiss from him before. Of course, Billy’s plan to convince Adam and Victor he’s drinking again and things are quickly getting out of hand could still drive a wedge between them, as to how in control Billy really remains to be seen.

Finally, Victor and Nikki dance in front of their Christmas tree, and he tells her that she’s the most cherished gift he’s ever received.

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Video: Young & Restless/Instagram