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Credit: CBS, Howard Wise/JPI

Genoa City’s had a year of mayhem, mergers and even attempted murder.

For some characters, 2021 was a year of romance going awry on Young & Restless. Sally couldn’t make it work with Jack, Phyllis and Nick called it quits yet again, and even Kyle and Summer split up before reuniting and tying the knot overseas.

Which brings us to schemes – there was no shortage of intrigue this year as Sally teamed up with newcomer Tara Locke to run Summer out of town, Amanda worked to solve the mystery of her biological father’s death, and Victoria, Billy and Lily, and Adam and Victor all worked to out hustle each other to gain control of Ashland Locke’s Cyaxares.

Victoria and Ashland fell in love, of course, which led to a merger, and more intrigue, as Billy pitted himself against his ex’s new man and the Newman clan in a bid to unearth and expose the sordid truth about the Locke Ness Monster’s past before he could walk down the aisle with the mother of his children. Alas, he was unsuccessful and the ‘Wedding of the Year’ went off without a hitch, giving Young & Restless a new power couple.

Abby and Chance’s love story continued, but was riddled with heartbreak as they discovered she couldn’t conceive a child, he couldn’t father one, and Chance disappeared on a covert mission just as their plan to pursue surrogacy was getting underway. Stitch’s return made for some tense weeks as he kidnapped Mariah before she finally gave birth to the Chancellor newlyweds’ child, who was fathered – and delivered – by Devon.

Adam, Chelsea and Sharon’s love triangle was revived, even though Sharon never left Rey, and the results were nearly deadly for the detective as Chelsea faked her recovery from a stroke and poisoned Rey in a bid to frame Adam. After a stint in a ‘facility’ it’s bygones, and Chelsea has returned, where she’s expected to form a rivalry with Sally over at Newman Media.

Relive your favorite stories of 2021 – and you’re least favorite if you dare, in the Young & Restless year in review photo gallery below.