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Over the weekend, your Genoa City favorites painted the town red. And green. And you can attend vicariously via the photos below.

After the cast and crew of The Young and the Restless celebrated the season in festive style Saturday, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) gave credit where it was due. “Thank you sooo much to Amelia Heinle (Victoria) for hosting the Young & Restless holiday party!” she Instagrammed. “You always go out of your way, girl! I love you! You are so special.”

Heinle returned the sentiment. “Love you, my friend,” she replied.

But it wasn’t she alone who made the bash happen. “Thank you for giving me credit, but I can’t take any,” Heinle told Stafford. “All the cast pitched in to make this party work, so thank you all!”

Among the fun photos Stafford shared is one “with Harrison and Krystal, Phyllis’ trusted employees… Let’s be honest, her only employees,” she noted with a laugh. “During these extremely stringent COVID protocols, we were not able to have any extras on set, so I got the pleasure to work with Krystal and Harrison almost every day during this pandemic.

“By the way, Krystal’s green dress on the show is her character’s uniform,” she added. (Find out all about “the lady in the green dress” via’s exclusive interview with the stunner in question.)


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In another shot, “here I am with Tony and Scotty in wardrobe,” Stafford said. “Oooh, how I love them… and Mel[ody Thomas Scott, Nikki]… What can I say? If you all only knew how amazing and funny and wickedly intelligent she is…

“We clearly have the same taste in ‘ugly sweaters,'” she added. “I love these folks… We have gone through a pandemic together. That is not a light thing. Everyone on our show was amazing during it. Absolutely amazing. Very caring of each other. We all jumped through many hoops and continue to. I have so much love and respect.”

Heinle enthusiastically agreed. “Your words ring so true!” she told Stafford.

Amelia Heinle, Michelle StaffordThe Young and the Restless' 39th Anniversary Party Hosted by The Bell Family
West Hollywood, CA
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Above: Heinle and Stafford are still as close as they were in this snap from 2012.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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