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Nate pops a big question to Elena.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of December 13 – 17, Chance might not be the only one headed towards a downward spiral. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

When Billy’s idea to convince Jack to buy Chance Comm with him failed, Billy put his other plan into motion, even though Lily wasn’t completely on board with it. While Billy worked to convince Adam that he had hit rock bottom and began day drinking again, Lily voiced her fears to Victoria that she was worried Billy was relapsing and asked what signs to look for. Billy was later feared that Lily was seriously worried about him, though Lily claimed she said what she did to Victoria to plant seeds of doubt in her head as part of his plan.

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In the preview for next week, it appears Lily might have asked Victoria about the signs that Billy was regressing out of real concern. Billy assures Lily that he’s in complete control and has never been more focused, so Lily asks him to do something to prove it. Apparently, it’s something he’s not going to like. Is Lily going to ask Billy to just drop the whole vendetta he has against Victor and Adam?

Elena gets a holiday surprise when Nate asks her a big question. Elena isn’t sure she heard right and does a double-take to question if Nate just asked her to move in with him?

Upon Chance’s return, Victor immediately threw him a lavish welcome home party. Chance wasn’t keen on the party, in fact, he was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t wait to leave. Later when Chance was out with Abby he separately bumped into Mariah and Devon, and both of them felt something was off. Coming up, Devon inquires with Chance about how he’s doing. Spoiler alert! He’s not doing well at all!

Finally, after many months away due to taking care of her mother, Chelsea returns to Genoa City. She immediately connects with Chloe to ask what she’s missed. Will these two start stirring up trouble again, or have they finally changed their ways?

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