Restless Rant
Week of December 7 – 11:

Once again it was a week of The Young and the Restless in which writers seemed to be laying the building blocks for more excitement to come. There was a fair bit of dull viewing this week, but also some really good stuff. I’d describe the show as consistent right now, with the acting, as always, a joy to behold. Here are my thoughts on the week:

Are You Insane: Monday’s episode was a bit of a snooze even though it featured the confrontation between Nick, Sharon and Adam. I’m finding this storyline predictable in the extreme. I did get a giggle out of Nick, though – putting his foot in his mouth by asking Sharon if she’s insane, when – whoops – she just got out of a mental institution! He sure didn’t score himself any points with that one! Also, predictably, just as Sharon had decided to slow things down with Adam, along come Nick, Doris, and Noah to throw up some opposition to the idea, and BOOM – suddenly Sharon becomes defiant and it’s full speed ahead. This bugs me. Oh, and for those who love Adam and Sharon together, and don’t believe he’s using her – here’s my take – he may be falling for her, but it’s no accident that Adam knew his involvement with Sharon would push Nick’s buttons and lead to him losing his composure at work…

Mystery Misery:
This mysterious business with Ryder, Daisy, and Lauren has gone on long enough – it’s past time for viewers to find out how these people are connected, and who is the driving force behind all of this. The scenes are getting repetitive and I’m rapidly losing interest. How many more scenes can we stomach of Ryder with eyes glazed over and chin thrust out defiantly? Come on.

Hit the Road Heather:
I know I remarked a couple of weeks ago that it was nice to see Heather back onscreen, but now I wish she’d leave. The writers make her into such an unsavory person, and such a terrible A.D.A. She’s so biased and snippy! I can’t wait to see Phyllis make her into mincemeat in time for the holidays!

Still Standing:
It’s a small wonder Newman Enterprises’ shareholders haven’t all abandoned ship! Think of all the drama this past year at the helm of the company – Victor has been absent half the time, there’s been in-fighting among the Newman siblings, board members have had topless scandals, adultery scandals, and have died, the company was in hot water with the SEC, and now the company is set to be co-run by a partially blind ex-con!

JT and Victoria:
This new moody JT is fine by me – I love how he’s finally calling his selfish wife out on her behavior. However, I think this marital strife bit is going to get old fast – JT is too hot for humdrum, and I’d love to see him in a better storyline. I still can’t get a handle on his job position with Tucker McCall though.

Tucker’s in Town: What sex appeal and charisma! Right from the word ‘go’ this was excellent casting, and just what the doctor ordered for Genoa City! How about the hot-to-trot Jill inviting yet another ‘bartender’ up to her room?! I can’t wait to see more – I’m totally intrigued as to Tucker’s real identity too – knowing how interested he is in Chancellor Industries – especially when he makes foreshadow-y remarks such as, “I’ve waited for this for a long time.”