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What does the man who has everything want? To see history repeat itself, that’s what.

It happened during the December 1 episode of The Young and the Restless. It hit us like a ton of bricks. As you may have read, we’ve been frustrated by the way that the CBS soap has turned the legendary Eric Braeden’s also legendary Victor Newman into, in essence, a dilettante, someone who stirs the pot for lack of anything more substantial to do rather than for any real purpose.

But then, right there, there it was: the clear choice for the character’s next move. In that particular hour, Billy Boy Abbott rolled the dice and asked his longtime tormentor why he hated him so. In response, Victor pointed out that John and Jill’s son had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Whereas the Mustache had grown up in an orphanage and built his empire on relentlessness and determination, his former son-in-law had had breaks handed to him like his Mommy and Daddy had stocked up on them at Costco.

“I loathe people like you,” Victor admitted. “You know who you’re like? The guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.”

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Above: Nikki’s better half may have been born to wear tuxes, but he sure as heck wasn’t born in one.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

When a Zillionaire Pays It Forward

So how, you ask, does that apply to Victor’s future? There’s no point in him continuing to hasten the downward spiral of Billy and his ilk. It may be an amusing pastime, but where genuine meaning might enter Victor’s life is the point at which he takes on a protege — someone unlike his own children, someone who wasn’t to the manor or the ranch born. Imagine if he interviewed applicants from son Nick’s New Hope Project and picked a budding Christian Miller that he thought could benefit from his wisdom.

In a heartbeat, Victor would not only have a fresh raison d’être, he’d have a problem to solve, a pawn to move, a weapon to harness. Would he quickly discover that his Mini-Me was harder to control than he anticipated? Would his passion project develop a passion of his or her own — perhaps for Victor’s married daughter, Abby? For his suddenly-single son, Nick? Brokenhearted grandson Noah?

We’d take up residence on the edge of our seat to find out.

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A Devastating Twist of Plot

Plus, how crushing would it be if Victor felt he had no choice but to smack down and knock out the rising star to whom he’d intended to give a leg up? The face-off would be volcanic; the fallout, heartbreaking.

What do you think? Have we hit upon the perfect frontburner storyline for Braeden and Victor? Got a better idea? Drop it in a comment below, then check out our photo gallery of the Black Knight’s life and loves.