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As Thanksgiving Day approached, the Emmy winner was already in a festive mood.

When we think of Eric Braeden, we think of The Young and the Restless’ Victor Newman, right? We think of the power monger who can level an opponent with nothing more than a martini-cold glare. We think of the hopeless romantic who can make a lover weak in the knees simply by calling her “my darling.” We think of the ticking time bomb whose fuse always turns out to be just a smidgen shorter than those tempting fate predict it will be.

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But the actor himself can be as jovial as St. Nick, a point that he drove home on social media on November 24. “Guess what,” he began his announcement. “I’m on TikTok now.

“And if I have another Mexican Chardonnay, which I like,” he continued, raising a glass — yes, please, we will have one, too — “then I will do a dance for you like this.”

You can watch the daytime icon bust a move below.

How fun is that? The man behind the Black Knight getting as playful as his character is ruthless. “Anyway, I’m going to try out this new platform,” Braeden picked up. “Hope some of you will follow.

“A sweet young girl from West Virginia told me all about [it],” he added, “so bear with me… and happy holidays. Cheers to you.”

Cheers to you, sir. While we wait with fingers crossed for The Young and the Restless to take the massive hints we’ve been dropping about the approach that should never be taken to Victor and Nikki, you can get into the holiday spirit with the below photo gallery that’s full to overflowing with memories from all the soaps.