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The daytime newbie just wants to “step it up and bring the same intensity each day that I’m here.”

When Conner Flloyd first auditioned for the Young & Restless‘ Chance, he had no idea what he was getting into. Literally! The actor sat down with Soap Opera Digest recently to talk about the experience and admits that he had no idea who Chancellor scion was. Worse, there was just no way for him to prepare — especially since the show was keeping the character under wraps with a fake audition name! Luckily, though, he ran into the perfect person to help him out just before his audition: Abby herself, Melissa Ordway.

“I was sitting in the lobby, nervous and sweating, and reading through my lines,” he tells Digest. “She came out and sat next to me.” Ordway introduced herself, told him they would be testing together, and then gave him a quick rundown of Chance. That little extra boost must’ve worked, because after three days of nail-biting nerves, he got a call from his agent and learned that he got the job!

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Granted, the news didn’t come at the best time, but Floyd wasn’t complaining! “I was about to work out in my garage,” he laughs, “and just before I got started, she called to drop the good news on me.” He never got the workout in… but we have a feeling he’s doing just fine without it. After all, now he’s got the full force of the Young & Restless wardrobe department behind him to make him look good. And they’ve certainly made him feel good.

“This guy is looking really slick, I tell you,” he shares after getting a look at Chance’s clothes. Costuming did the fitting and rolled out the new duds all within his first day on set. Though his new alter ego might be a little too slick, since Flloyd jokes that he might just swipe a jacket or two if anyone “accidentally” leaves them out on set!

After a few weeks on the job, though, the actor’s got other things on his mind, like getting through all his lines and adjusting to the “precision” of his first television show. Luckily, Ordway’s been there through the whole process.

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“She’s basically been my on-set mom,” Chance’s new portrayer explains to Digest. She’s helped with lines, eased him into soap life and introduced him to his new Young & Restless family. In other words, “she’s been a great partner to have in this whole thing.”

It’s been a heck of a ride for the actor who’d gone from having never auditioned for a studio before to becoming a major player on one of daytime’s most popular soaps. “I’m excited to be around all of this talent and soak up as much as I can from these savvy vets,” Floyd shares. “The first couple of weeks were crazy, but I feel like I’m figuring this out and finding my rhythm.”

Well, we can’t wait to see what’s next for his Chance and Abby, because whatever that is, we’re sure it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

While you’re here, we’ve got a handy photo guide to get you caught up on all things Phillip “Chance” Chancellor, from his earliest days as a tot, to the baby drama he’s returning to! Actually, it’s a shame Floyd didn’t have it to look through before his audition. Then again, it looks like he did just fine on his own!