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On April 30, 2016, a soap actress and her husband opened their hearts and welcomed their daughter Olivia Christine.

Anyone who follows Young & Restless favorite Melissa Ordway (Abby) on social media is pretty much guaranteed to have their heart melted by photos of her adorable daughters. And her oldest, Olivia Christine, has a very special story behind that beautiful smile.

Back in May 2016, the CBS soap star announced that she and her husband Justin Gaston (ex-Chance) had welcomed their daughter Olivia into the world on April 30, 2016. However, it wasn’t until February 27, 2017 when they officially adopted her almost 10 months later.

Since that special day, the family, which has grown by one with Olivia’s younger sister Sophie Jolie, who Ordway gave birth to in December 2017, celebrates two special days for Olivia — her birthday and adoption day, which they call Coronation Day. The meaning stems from a celebration in which a king or queen is crowned.

Join us as we take a look back at how it all began with Olivia’s life in pictures…

A Gift From Above

Olivia’s birth on April 30, 2016 changed Ordway and Gaston’s lives forever. The couple was “overjoyed” to announce their new bundle of joy sent “from above.”

It’s Official

Olivia and her mom and dad were all smiles as Gaston held up her adoption certificate. “Today was the second most special day of my life,” the new mom expressed.

Let the Celebration Begin

Olivia’s new family gathered to embrace her into their fold. With a special cake and gifts on hand, Ordway shared, “We call Adoption Day, Coronation Day!”

Happy Half Birthday

At 6-months old Olivia loved to jump, laugh and play, to name a few things, but she also didn’t like taking naps — or going to sleep in general — and aside from not liking how it sounded when people coughed, she wasn’t a fan of bananas either!

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First Halloween

Dressed as a cute little lamb, the pumpkin says it all: “Baby’s First Halloween 2016.”

Hi Santa

And like many kids who go see Santa for the first time, Olivia, or as her mom called her “my little elf,” didn’t appear too impressed. At least she wasn’t terrified like some kids!

Happy First Birthday

Even though Olivia “wasn’t really sure what to do with her cake” Ordway helped to show her daughter just how tasty it was.

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Big Sister-to-Be

Olivia helped her parents share the happy news that they were expecting another girl by dressing for the occasion in a onesie that read “big sister,” while holding another one that read “little sister.”

Big Sister Moment

The time finally came when Olivia was able to meet her baby sister Sophie Jolie and their mom admitted, “These two girls make my heart explode!”

Happy Birthday ‘Two’ You

And here’s Olivia “living her best life” at two.

Favorite Restaurant

Celebrating her Coronation Day in 2018, the family decided to take a trip to Olivia’s favorite restaurant Au Fudge — and boy does that cake in the third pic look good!

‘Where Dreams Come True’

Sporting a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, Olivia and Sophie took their very first trip to Disneyland with mom and dad.

Off to School

Her face tells it all, but Olivia’s mom reiterated, “This little babe loves her school!”

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A Little Mermaid for ‘Three’

Olivia’s third birthday had a Little Mermaid theme and featured a mermaid surprise and enough cake and cupcakes to make her party extra sweet!

A Trip to the Doc’s for a Check-Up and Shots

But it wasn’t all bad… Olivia got to eat ice cream with her mom, dad and sister afterwards.

Thankful ‘Four’ L.O.L. Dolls

It was a party filled with dolls for milestone number four. “Seems like just yesterday we held you in our arms for the very first time,” Ordway recalled.

Goodbye Baby Teeth

Olivia received a visit from the tooth fairy after losing four teeth. And just like Olivia, mom assured everyone that “her big teeth growing in are perfect too!”

Unicorns and Rainbows for Birthday Number Five

Just like that, this year Olivia turned five and continues to inspire her mom every day!

Times Have Changed

Plus, we are happy to report that she no longer hates bananas, as viewers can see in the video where Olivia and her mom teamed up to share her special “Alien Toast recipe.”

Tennis Queen

And prior to her sixth birthday, Ordway posted a couple of photos of her “tennis queen” and stated, “This girl is my inspiration on the court. I can’t keep up with her skills.”

Sixth Birthday

A princess-theme party was in order for Olivia’s sixth birthday. “This is 6… thank you to all of Olivia’s sweet friends for helping her celebrate!” Ordway expressed, “We love you all!”

Early Birthday Celebration

And as Olivia rounded the corner on turning seven, she, along with some friends, celebrated her special day early during a “bowling birthday bash.”

She’s Officially Seven

During a Mario-themed party, Ordway sent her “beautiful Olivia” a very special birthday message and talked about how she has “the kindest heart, loves others, makes friends wherever she goes and lights up any room she’s in.” And by the look of her smile in the pic below, we couldn’t agree more! sends Olivia a very happy birthday!

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