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Crossed-wires could lead to a lot of bad blood in Genoa City’s battle for Chance Comm.

Ashland’s been fully on Team Adam and Victor when it comes to handling the threat posed by Billy and Gaines thus far on Young & Restless, but are we about to see a parting of the ways?!? It certainly seems a strong possibility…

After Billy humbled himself to Victor at the ranch and offered to step down from Chance Comm if they’d agree to back off and let Lily run the media company without further interference, Victor took a meeting with Adam to fill him in and to discuss their next move. Ashland listened in, and then joined them, as they debated Billy’s sincerity and how to handle it.

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Given that their endgame is to pounce on Chance Comm while it’s vulnerable, Victor and Adam decided to play along and pretend to accept Billy’s offer, effectively calling a truce, only to surprise Lily and take over the company in the end.

Ashland wasn’t in on their final decision, so doesn’t know their strategy, but told them he was on board with whatever they decided to do before leaving the office. He only knew Victor sounded as though he wanted Billy’s public humiliation more than to pursue Chance Comm. If/when Victor and Adam “call a truce” with Chance Comm, Locke’s going to believe they genuinely decided to accept Billy’s offer and back off.

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So, with Chance Comm’s co-CEO set to publicly resign after the debacle of the Gaines’ article and retraction, the company is immediately going to be vulnerable. Locke also knows that Billy and Lily may be on the outs considering he needled her about Billy’s inability to let go of Victoria during their run-in and he knows Lily was unaware of — and not likely to be happy about — Billy’s offer to Victor to step down. Ashland wouldn’t be known as the Locke Ness Monster if he didn’t act to take advantage of that situation.
Ashland meeting Y&R

Ashland recounts his run-in with Lily.

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Young & Restless spoilers tell us that Ashland and Victoria will make a power move, which can only be to approach Lily with an offer to, presumably, bail out Chance Comm by taking it over and allowing her to stay on in some capacity.

While it’s “just business” to Victoria and Ashland, it’s kinda back-stabby where Adam and Victor are concerned as Locke’s moving in on the company they’re still planning to pounce on. Of course, it would be more a case of crossed-wires than a deliberate double-cross, but it might plant the seeds of mistrust between Victor and Ashland and catapult Victoria and Adam back into a rivalry after the thaw in their relationship.

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Things may not sour right away, but if they do, Richard Burgi has thoughts on who would prevail in an Ashland vs. Victor battle, which would be pretty exciting for viewers.

One thing is certain, Victor and Adam won’t be happy to hear that Ashland and Victoria tried to scoop up Chance Comm for themselves, misunderstanding or not.

What do you think is going to happen with Chance Comm? Feel free to share your take with us in the comment section after looking back on Ashland and Victoria’s love story in the photo gallery below.