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Not even “Watermelon Sugar” is as sweet as the feeling she got.

Congrats, Harry Styles. You have a new fan. After seeing his concert over the weekend with daughter Natalia, Young & Restless’ Michelle Stafford came away duly impressed. He “is a freakin superstar,” she Instagrammed after the show. “I haven’t seen this kind of charisma in a singer or performer in a long, long time.”

Harry Styles on stage for Harry Styles in Concert on the NBC Today Show, Rockefeller Center Today Show Plaza, New York, NY February 26, 2020. Photo By: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection

While Phyllis’ portrayer may only just be realizing what a talent the former One Direction heartthrob is, Natalia has been well aware for some time. “My daughter is obsessed,” Mom revealed. “When I say obsessed… believe me. Ha! It’s all about Harry in our house and car and basically everywhere else.

“He’s kinda her Morrissey,” she added. “Some of you will get that.”

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In fact, we do get the reference to the Smiths singer whose fans are among the most passionate in… well, existence! “Natalia was one of the few 11-year-olds there last night,” Stafford continued. “Lots of girls older than her. All of those girls were so adorable with her. Lovin’ on her ‘Fine Line’ outfit. We had such a great time. I’m now a huge Harry fan, too!”


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Stafford’s decision to attend the concert with Jameson’s big sis was a last-minute one. “I have to put out a second mortgage on my house for” the tickets, she joked. “But it was all worth it! Seeing my daughter so out-of-her-mind happy!”

Wanna see what all the fuss is about? You can check out Styles’ video for “Watermelon Sugar” below. One Direction was just the beginning for him.

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Video: YouTube/Harry Styles