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Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Viewers get a preview of a Genoa City couple with a new face.

Things are definitely heating up on The Young and the Restless. Though Abby’s family is a nervous wreck, having no idea where she’s taken off to, the grieving wife knows exactly what she is doing… she’s on the hunt to locate her husband — you know, the one everyone believes is dead.

From the very moment that Christine relayed the devastating news, Abby has felt that Chance was out there somewhere and still alive and since the role was recast with Conner Floyd we knew this too. Abby then received confirmation of her husband’s whereabouts by tracking down a woman named Kim Dunaway who confirmed that Chance did in fact survive the explosion but was currently in a very bad way.

Melissa Ordway took to social media to share a first-look photo, with her new co-star pointing at the camera, that was captioned, “Chance is alive!”

In another post, Floyd expressed, “Beyond pumped to be a part of such a historic show and such an incredible cast.” He then thanked the CBS soap and the network for the opportunity and teased fans, “See y’all in Genoa City.”

As we watch and wait for the latest back-from-the-dead storyline to unfold, take a look at Chance’s life in pictures through our gallery below — an insider’s guide to the self-less hero — and be sure to leave us a comment or two on what you want to see in the future for him, Abby and baby Dominic.