Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas' new puppy yr
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Soap alum and This Is Us star shares a special announcement.

Puppies, puppies and more puppies, it seems as though every week one soap star or another has added a furry friend to their clan and we can’t get enough of seeing their adorable photos. The same goes for former The Young and the Restless actors and real-life marrieds Justin Hartley (ex-Adam) and Sofia Pernas’ (ex-Marisa) and their new addition — sweet-as-a-button Alice!

Hartley shared two cute photos of their little girl on Instagram along with a big, “Welcome to the family, Alice! Here’s a before and after.” He then joked about the positioning in the second photo, “Apologies in advance for this particular baptism of fire.”

In October Pernas revealed where she and Hartley stood on the idea of having kids. And though Alice isn’t a newborn, from the looks of things, we’re sure she is going to keep the family on their toes! Especially with Hartley’s busy schedule…

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In the beginning of the month, he announced that his new project, No Good Deed, which he will produce, had been given a script commitment by ABC.

And fans of his primetime series This Is Us have eagerly been awaiting the return of the NBC show’s sixth and final season, which will premiere on Tuesday, January 4, at 9 pm. We too are looking forward to seeing how things wrap up for the Pearson family, especially Hartley’s Kevin.

But for now, we’re just happy to see that things are going well for the two former daytime stars. Speaking of which, find out what some of your favorites had to say in regards to their relationships, and what romantic advice they had to share, in our photo gallery below.